Friday, September 20, 2013


Never expect someone is a good quality person when you see them as one of those who are positive, bright, confident and have a good leadership. You see, that are just some skills that will hide the real fact about that person. He may look like some one who are an ace in everything, remember this:

"No One is Perfect"

The reason I post this post out of the blue is to clarify that I am NOT the way you think I am. I am lazy in nature, tend to avoid responsibility, macam yes tapi bukan type of person. Stop expecting me to be a very good person and the one that can do a lot of stuff. I repeat, I am not a responsible person. In fact, I LOOK LIKE one but I DON'T.

Some or should I say most of you who know me already know that I am this type of person. Accept the fact please. You guys should know better than every else that are a hi bye friend with me. So get over with it,  and speak up when I did it again. I am trying to change, but you guys should know that this is the habit that have been with me since I am young so it will be difficult for me to change it over night.

Lastly, note that :


End of ranting

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Frankly I wonder what happened to me this few days. It appears to me that I started to think a lot of unnecessary stuff and acting&speaking differently. I guess this maybe what they call "when you grow up you will know". It feels like changing an OS, it changes the basic of the way I respond to stuff. Still, I am still me, and I am here, doing the usual stuff. 

2013, I am going to continue to doing what I am doing since back then, continue to improve myself. I still have a lot of thing to learn. Still, I will just give my best and let the time flow while the event of my life unfold.

I wonder what is up ahead for me but still, am going to start to understand more on investment (To get rich =X) and always enjoy my life.

Currently I am one of the OC (Organizing committees) for an event organized by my school club (AFSA aka Accounting & Finance Student Association).
It's a camp that will be held on march this year. I hope that it will be a success event where all of us will have fun there.

That's about it for now, I wonder when will be my next update but still I will update it anyway in the future (I hope)

3 midterm in a row next week, fight on!!!!
missing some of my friends...

End of posting~

Friday, November 2, 2012

Coop 1 aka intern

Whee, started my internship for the 1st time ^^
Currently working somewhere not far from my house xD
Good chance for me to learn and expose ^^

Must give my best~~ ^^

Friday, July 8, 2011


Short term memory lost has cause me to waste things again.

p.s. this post is totally random
end of posting~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Work progress

Am kinda unexpected to be able to get 3 sales (or you can say 4) by last month. It is my 1st job and 1st time doing sales so it's quite new for me. Still, I never thought I could get sales like this and well, praise the Lord. =D

Anyway, I'll have to go on and fight to get more sales($$$) so that I could play more~

Yet, I'll have to decide on what to do for "that" case and the apply of holiday for next monday ><

End of posting~

Friday, May 27, 2011


Got my very 1st sale today, so happy~

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Now the problem is settled in the less damaging way. Glad that happened since I really wanted to avoid the worst case scenario. Thank you Jesus. =)

For now, I hope that things go smoothly and no troubles will occur. Well, got to go to school now, after that I will be working till 10 pm. ><

That's about it, See ya people.

End of Posting~